channa (strawb3rryfairy) wrote,


Positive; 78+
Neutral; 1 was changed to a positive
Negative; 1

This entry only contains 48 of my positive feedback, the other 30 positive are [here] along with the neutral that was changed to positive.

NO feedback has been deleted; only clutter from years ago; I will never screen feedback
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Quick payment!
LOVE the skirt! Just as described, turbo fast shipping, SUPER nice person to deal with - thank you! :-) A+++++++
Awesome trade +++++ :)
i got the norma jean shirt today and i love it. thanks so much! if you've received my end of the trade could you leave me feedback? thanks doll.
perfect trade, thank you!
my first feedback to someone else.

i literally screamed when i opened it!

the lisa frank notebook really made it over the top!

great trader ^_^;
i got the underoath shirt today. i love it. thanks!
Super Positive Feedback.
Swapped some Haircolor for 1/2" SS flesh tunnels.
Quick shipping, packaged nicely,
all around good to do business with!
thank you so very much! and im sorry this is late!
Received money today, thanks so much!<3
Received my purchase within a reasonable amount of time, with a few surprises included. Description of item was very accurate (and item is FABULOUS!).
Fast sending of money, even though you didn't think it was prompt enough. :D Wonderful transaction on your end: I'm sorry the eBay seller sucked. :(
Great trade!
Sorry it took so long to leave fb ^^
i received payment really really late, like it took me 2 weeks and a couple days to get payment in the mail. i think it was cos you used a kawaii envelope to send out and mailed it like it was vertical, so they charged extra for that and sent it back to you and you had to put another stamp on it as it has two postmark stamps from two different dates.
you could've told me about that..
anyway i got payment after all, though i did worry, and i did get some cute sticker flakes out of it.
I got the shirt & sticker flakes today. Thanks so much!
I hope the bag reaches you soon. Leave me fb in return @ shes_fadingfast. =]
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