channa (strawb3rryfairy) wrote,


Positive; 78+
Neutral; 1 was changed to a positive
Negative; 1

This entry only contains 48 of my positive feedback, the other 30 positive are [here] along with the neutral that was changed to positive.

NO feedback has been deleted; only clutter from years ago; I will never screen feedback
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got the trade. thanks!
I got the package today and I'm actually wearing the black sweatshirt w/ lace now! Thank you for the extras and an absolutely wonderful trade!
Quick shipping! Awesome grabbie, would love to work with again. :)
thanks for the great trade, hope you enjoy! please leave me feedback when you get your end :)

- b0hemiankids
Very nice lady and easy transaction! :)
Thank you♥
Just got the Wednesday 13 cd.I love it!Awesome seller.Thanks <3
Fast payment. Great communication. Thank you!
What a wonderful transaction! This seller gave me one of the best deals I have pretty much EVER gotten! She is also super sweet, and she keeps wonderful communication! Quick shipping, great cds, all around A+ from me! =D
Thank you!!
Thanks for the kawaii grabbie! It's adorable. :) Let me know when you recieve the headband.
Awesome seller. Love the boots :]

Deleted comment

Super fast shipping and a great price! :)
Very friendly, love the memos, would definitely trade/do business with again!
I got my memos today!!!
Thanks so much.
i got the heart bracelets yesterday, thanks<3

please leave feedback in my old journal,

thank you!
Got here super quick! Thanks!
Another awesome transaction! Great shipping, love working with this girl! :)
got your cash today and will send out by the end of the week :)
hey hun! I have FINALLY gotten my package! The mini apple tote with green tea and all those accessories! thanks sooo much! I love our trade:) Will def do business with again!! ♥
sorry for the huuuuuge delay, but a late POSITIVE is still POSITIVE! great transaction with a sweet girl (i've been using those cute individual memos as bookmarks!) :) thanks!
good communication! received payment in a timely manner. great, smooth transaction. thanks a bunch! :)
i seriously think that was the fastest i have ever received concealed cash before. i wasn't expecting it until wednesday or thursday, but it came today (monday) and it was mailed on friday.

the package was adorable and i litterally squealed when i saw the cute little notes and stickers.

i think you get the oscar for best cc mailer.
thanks for the payment, slight misunderstanding and i received only $1.50 instead of $7.50 in money order but Chanta quickly sent out another payment of $6 at once.
Thank you so much for the partial trade. I love the shirt so much. Highly recommended!
I love my bling plugs so much...they were worth waiting for. Thanks for all your patience & good communication.
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